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Save Our Oceans and Rivers!

Rob Moir
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Wear Your Love For Ocean Rivers With ORI Dolphin Tee

Wear your love for the ocean in this dolphin inspired graphic tee that supports the Ocean River Institute's efforts to save our oceans and rivers. Go to oceanriver dot org

“Kyle Robinson has created a timeless iconic design that will inspire and honor individuals who care for wildlife, ecosystems and the planet. A limited edition, there will be no by-catch in the printing of this shirt.”
- Rob Moir, the Ocean River Institute

Eco Shirt Shop's latest design was inspired by Oceanus - the ocean river that encircles the known world, and by the plight of dolphins suffering from both - the excessive human waste of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients into waterways, and the horrifying dolphin drive hunting documented by the film, The Cove.

This ocean-river graphic is hand screen printed using eco-friendly water based inks onto Anvil's super soft "Sustainable Tee." This Earth-friendly fabric is made from 50% post-consumer recycled polyesters (like used plastic bottles)* and 50% "transitional cotton." Transitional cotton comes from farms awaiting certification who have been growing organically for less than three years. In an uncertain market, this supports those farmers making the switch from conventional to organic cotton farming methods.

Your Purchase of the Ocean River Tee helps green the planet and blue our waters by:
1. Lessening dependence on oil & petroleum based fertilizers
2. Curbing discards, thereby prolonging landfill life and reducing toxic
emissions from incinerators
3. Promoting new recycling streams for polyester and plastic bottles
4. Lessening air, water and soil contamination
5. Rewarding farmers making the switch from conventional to organic cotton

Feel great in this super soft shirt - knowing that 30% of each sale helps the actions of The Ocean River Institute.

Eco Shirt Shop is now taking orders for a limited time. To further minimize waste, all orders for this "limited edition" Ocean River Tee will be custom printed only once in time for the holidays. Order yours today and invite others to wear their love of the ocean.

Free shipping on all orders placed before November 30th. Visit

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