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Help Stop Coyote / Fox Pens in Indiana!

On Tuesday, November 16th, the Indiana Natural Resources Commission will meet in Indianapolis to discuss the legalization of coyote / fox pens in Indiana. This is an about face from an earlier meeting where they strongly opposed pens in Indiana due to the potential "damage of the public's view of trappers and hunters." In addition, the Commission was initially concerned with the lack of fair chase, the potential for increased disease transmission and the promotion of the commercialization and sale of wild animals.

However, the agency changed its position because it visited ONE pen on ONE day and all of a sudden they feel that pens are safe havens for coyotes and foxes and that the only intention of these participants is to "train the dog." Well, they could not be any more wrong on this issue. They did not do a surprise visit of the pen. The pen operators knew the Commission was coming and put on a "show" for them.

We are asking the Commission to allow public comment at the meeting on Tuesday, but they have stated, "there is nothing that states the public must be allowed to speak. Public testimony is at the discretion of the chairman."

There are many issues with the proposed rule and here is a sample of one of them:

According to the proposed rule, 312 IAC 9-10-16 (k)(7)(I):

"No more than (7) dogs for each coyote or fox or one hundred seventy-five (175) dogs total, whichever is greater, may be placed or allowed to be placed within the training ground at any one time."

Continuing with the proposed rule, 312 IAC 9-10-16 (k)(7)(K):

"No more than one (1) coyote or fox per five (5) acres or sixty (60) total may be known to be present or maintained withing the dog training ground at any one time."

Since the pen that the Commission went to in Linton, IN was 300 acres, this means that the pen could have at any one time, sixty (60) coyotes / foxes and FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY (420) dogs! Fair chase? Yeah, right! I HIGHLY doubt that the day the Commissioners went to the pen that this many dogs were running on that many coyotes / foxes.

Despite the Commission's statement regarding public comments, Training Not Torture will have a presence at the meeting ready to speak out against the legalization of coyote / fox pens in Indiana. We ask that you please contact the Indiana Natural Resources Commission at (317) 232-4699 or email them here:

If you wish to attend the meeting, the meeting information is as follows:

Ballroom, The Garrison
Fort Harrison State Park
6002 North Post Road
Indianapolis (Lawrence), Indiana

November 16, 2010
10:00 a.m. EST (9:00 a.m., CST)

To see what the Commission is proposing, go here:

To view the Journal Gazette editorial on this meeting / issue, go here:

Thank you.

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