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Hekp our new Black Bear cub!

We are eager to introduce you to the newest addition to our family of black bears.

You may have seen in the news a story a couple of weeks ago about a black bear and her cub who were captured by fish and game due to the creation of a food dependency by humans camping in the Tahoe Fallen Leaf campground area. Although the mother had to be destroyed, the cub was turned over to the care of the fine staff at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary.

He is still quite shy and getting use to his new home, additionally the enclosure needs a little modification before being appropriate for such an agile climber. We'll keep you posted.

****** We need your help to select a name!!!

The zoo staff have narrowed it down to 3, and now it is up to our members and the public to make the final choice! Please take a minute to visit our website ( and choose your favorite! While these you can read more about our new Friend and see a picture!

Lastly please consider a donation to support the care and enrichment of this sweet little bear cub!


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