Tammy Elaine Bentley
Tammy Elaine Bentley campaign leader

Our Cause has Grown to 71 Members!

Wow! This is wonderful news. I hope that you will continue to share our cause.

Now, with 71 members and still, no posts on the Discussion Board, may I assume that everyone who has joined is 100% satisfied with the quality of their care? If so, then please post your "great doctor's" info! So many of us are searching for quality pain management.

Please use the Discussion Board! This is not the type of venue where your posts will be micromanaged. If you are having a bad day....here is the place I hope you'll come for support or just to vent. FM/CFS related communties have a nature of support so I am not inclined to believe that you won't find the same here. In other words, there is no disclaimer here saying,"Please make your posts uplifting", bla, bla, bla! We are at war here and it's not always pretty.

Also, I need people who can research for me, add support and informational videos, articles, etc. If you are interested, please send me a message here on FB. Also, if you send me a FR, please note that you are from this Cause so I will know.

Thanks again everyone. I look forward to reading your posts.

Tammy Elaine

Campaign closed

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