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June Update

Julie and Suzanne recently returned from Nairobi where they visited many of the schools involved in Global Education Fund's Kenya Leadership Program. They met with the Kenya directors and students to continue to learn how to better help and advance Global Education Fund's work in Kenya. Anisa, a Form 4 student (Senior), acted as the representative scholar contributing to the strategic planning meetings. After the initial meeting, she remarked: “I had no idea there were Kenyans like this” - a reflection of how isolated many of the students are, and how important strong, local leaders can be as role models in the community. We launched the program in 2008 in response to the great need for high school scholarships, as well as skills training - particularly entrepreneurial and financial training - so students could better leverage their educations. Kenyan advisors also suggested that young adults would benefit from a broad foundation of support and advice. Through peer support groups, university student mentors, and adult coaches, the program seeks to provide a network of supportive relationships for each scholar.

Global Education Fund is proud to announce that more than 100 students have participated in the Leadership Program, and continue to serve their communities even after graduation. Global Education Fund graduates have now formed an alumni association that meets regularly. These graduates continue to work with their university student mentors and have created their own mentoring program to support younger students in the program. Several graduate scholars have entered Global Education Fund's internship program as well. Their voices have become an influencing factor as the Kenyan and US Boards consider the future direction and growth of Global Education Fund in Kenya.

Everyone here at Global Education Fund would like to thank you for your continued support and interest in the Leadership Program. We look forward to serving even more students and continuing to make an impact on the lives of impoverished youth in Kenya in 2010.

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