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Jonathan Renich campaign leader

40 New Propagation Trees!

Planted 40 new poplar propagation trees today on Birch Grove. These are fast growing hybrid poplars from America that we brought in. These 40 will be cut to the ground each year and cut into small "cuttings" which can be planted in the spring. Each tree should give 200-400 cuttings a year meaning form the original 40 we should get 8 - 16,000 cuttings. We'll be using them all over Birch Grove to reforest and provide shade for slower growing seedlings.

Oddly, we have snow today, but it makes for good wet planting ground so we're hoping these new trees spring right up. Next year we'll be putting on some seminars and training on how to plant and propagate poplar cuttings and then giving away little packs of cuttings to each seminar attendee to plant in their community. We are really excited about these new trees!

Due to the long winter our main planting time is going to be pushed back to September right before the winter snows. We'll be planting several hundred Seabuckthorn and Siberian Peabush plants with local community members and hopefully school children.

Thanks for your support.

jonathan Renich
Edurelief / Birch Grove Nature Preserve

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