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Rape Is Never Justified

Ali Mark
Ali Mark campaign leader

Big Updates :)

Many of you have not yet transferred to our new home - I made the mistake of not checking the URL before posting, so I apologize! The correct link is here:

We have also re-done our website and invite you to see the launch of our new page:

And, finally.... we have created our first street team! We're very excited and hope that you will join us in spreading the mission of RNJ in your local area!

We have been hassled about asking for donations - the reason donations are being requested is for a number of reasons.

Number 1: The government has not yet recognized us, and in order for them to do so- we could face a hefty fee of $750! We need help raising this money and hope that you will join in and support us with donating even just a dollar!
Number 2: Merchandise has been a requested attachment to RNJ's name for the past 18 months, and to continue selling merchandise, we must have money to buy the merchandise. Your donations allow us to put forth some money to do this.
Number 3: We have a program called "Distance is Safety" that allows us to help CURRENT victims. In order for us to do so, we need the ability to fund such programs.

Whenever we ask for money, it's in the interest of all of you. If you have questions about what specific donations are for, then please ask. We only ask for donations when the staff members themselves cannot put forth any of their own personal funds.

I do hope you'll all travel with us to our new home here on Facebook as well as check out the new information I've submitted in this letter!

Campaign closed

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