William Winder
William Winder campaign leader

Batabazi concert for the children of Kigalama - more to come

About the concert:
Time: 6:30pm to 12am
Cost: $10
Location: French-American Club 193 Elm St, Waltham, MA

There will be live music performances by TOUCH & SOUL BAND, BATABAZI, MBALIRE GEORGEi and many more...
Proceeds from concert will go to purchase rainwater cisterns for Ugandan families in Kigalama, 70 miles west of Kampala, that house and nurture orphaned and vulnerable children. The project is coordinated through the Kigalama Children's Initiative. Rev. Mary Tusuubira, one of the founders will be at the concert. Our ultimate goal? - to create an environment where all children can grow up to be healthy and educated to realize their dreams.
About us:
The Kironde Education + Health Fund is a non-profit fund that supports indigenous organizations engaged in providing comprehensive education, healthcare and nurture to orphaned and vulnerable children.
We are dedicated to ensuring that children grow into healthy and productive members of society.
We believe that indigenous organizations are more likely to understand local issues and needs. All children deserve to have shelter, sustenance, reasonable health care, nurture and education. While there are many sources for any one of these basic needs, success requires that all of these necessities must be met in a comprehensive manner.

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