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Prayer Request

Hello dear cause-members.

Just 1 day, 6 hours, and 22 minutes til the India journey begins!

I have a prayer request I'd like to share with you that's been making my heart go pitter-patter since I looked at my schedule again.

I have exactly 2 hours and 35 minutes to do the following once I get to Mumbai:

-deboard the plane
-retrieve luggage (which often takes hours itself)
-go through customs
-exit airport
-enter domestic terminal (bus ride across airport campus)
-check in with luggage
-board puddle jumper flight to Ahmedabad

All of this will take place around midnight on Tuesday morning.

Please be in prayer that:
1.) My flight from the States to Mumbai stays on time and arrives on time
2.) I can get out of the plane quickly
3.) My luggage comes out quickly, not confiscated or cause for a bribe, and preferably FIRST
4.) Immigration is a breeze (I do have a ten-year visa)
5.) The bus to the domestic terminal is easy to find
6.) I stay calm (and awake) and stong
7.) I make my flight

If you are willing to commit to these 7 things in prayer for the next 72 hours, please click the "I READ THIS" button. :)

I am not certain what the internet situation will look like while I'm there. It's possible that where I'm staying will have Wifi - and very possible that it won't. I hope to keep you informed so you can feel like you are as a part of the journey as you truly are!

Thank you for your love, support - both financial and emotional, prayers, and encouragement.

I will pray for you often and thank Him regularly for you.

With love and thanks in my heart,


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