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ICFJ's Editor Picks :: Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Did you know that ICFJ conducts numerous programs worldwide dedicated to improving environmental coverage? Our trainees are helping communities better understand essential topics such as global warming and pollution from India to Denmark.

1. In India, our Knight International Journalism Fellow worked with one of the world's premier environmental research organizations, TERI, to create a team of dedicated environmental reporters who understood how to raise the level of environmental reporting in a country seriously affected by global warming.
2. Some of the world’s leading environmental journalists attended our recent conference on renewable energy in Denmark. Participant Pierre Mario Fitter explains why the island where the training took place sets the standard for countries around the globe.
3. Knight International Journalism Fellow Harry Surjadi made waves in Indonesia with the country's first environmental section, "Green City." The weekly supplement featured breaking investigative stories as a result of Surjadi's work with local reporters.
4. You too can help journalists better cover climate and energy issues on this Earth Day! Donate now to ICFJ’s Environmental Programs at

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