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Home of Grace Golf Classic

On June 12th, the Preserve Golf Club will be hosting the 2010 Home of Grace Golf Classic. It is a shotgun start at 8am. During play we will be hosting the 3nd Annual Home of Grace Golf Tea. Between the two events we will be hosting hundreds of Home of Grace supporters. That’s a lot of people and we need your help. More information is available at or by calling 228-826-5283.

YOU can help by attending the event. Your presence there sends a clear signal to friends and supporters that you believe in this ministry. We have lots of places to plug people in. And if you’re a golfer, even better. Sign up to play, it’s a great course, a great price and a great cause.

YOU can help by buying or selling Sponsorships. This is how the event raises money. Years ago I read about 6 degrees of separation. Basically, everyone in the world is connected by no more than six relationships. WOW! I may know the President – or maybe it’s someone you know – or someone that you know who knows someone. The short of it is this – we need your help asking those you know to support this ministry. We are asking for $250 for a Tee Box Sponsorship, $1250 for Platinum Sponsors and $2500 for Diamond Sponsors (details are on the brochure) – some give more – some give less. But we need your help.

YOU can help by finding auction items. Our silent auction is a great way to raise money for the Home of Grace. Do you or someone you know have a condo that they will donate for a weekend getaway? Do they have items that would sell in an auction? Is there some memorabilia you’ve collected that you are willing to donate?

YOU can help by locating Ditty Bag items. These are the giveaway items we have for our golfers and our Tea attendees. Any and all items are appreciated. This is also a great way for businesses to advertise. By placing items in the bags, each person participating in the event will see their support for the Home of Grace.

YOU can help by inviting people to attend the event. There will be lots of food and fellowship. If you’re not interested in golf, come hang out at the Ladies Tea or help work the tournament. Or even, you might just come to let people know you believe in what we’re doing.

Want to get more involved, talk to someone on this year’s tournament committee. They’ll be glad to let you know more about the event.

The 2010 Golf Committee is:
Nebo Carter (Chair)
Kay Lynn Beemon
Chris Champagne
Rusty Gibbs
Jackie Grimes
Larry Hammonds
John Harry
John McKay
Jay Ezell
Sherie Smith
David Tadlock
Renee Barton
F. G. Ware
Ross Deavours
Shirley Willard
Kathy Scarbrough

For more information, go to and click on the golf logo or you can call 228-826-5283.

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