Gillian Guglas
Gillian Guglas campaign leader

World Refugee Day and International Day of the African Child

Salaams everyone

Will you help provide for an orphan?

Next week many of you will be helping out at various events for Refugee Week, starting with International Day of the African Child on June 16 and ending with World Refugee Day on June 20.

Will you sponsor an orphan? or can you donate money to the Orphan General Fund so we can continue to provide services to the orphans and communities in which they live.

Please tell your friends - invite them to join and donate to our cause.

You can donate to the Orphan General Fund directly from our cause page via a secure website. Or you can give a gift of $33 to provide sponsorship to an orphan for 1 month.

If you wish to sponsor an orphan please visit the Islamic Refief Worldwide website at and click on the sponsor button.

Or contact your local fundraising office.

On behalf of the Orphans - Thank you.

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