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Rape Is Never Justified

Ali Mark
Ali Mark campaign leader

Third Birthday Celebration!

During the week of April 4th through April 10th, if you could participate in this to raise awareness and show support for fellow victims and survivors of rape and abuse, it would be greatly appreciated by all of us.

If you've never been raped or sexually assaulted, you can use a friends' information (with their permission, of course). If you don't know of anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted, look up some information on and tag our status by typing; @Rape is Never Justified.

April 4th: Location of WHERE your attack happened in as little or much detail.
April 5th: Time of day that the attack happened and/or date.
April 6th: Relationship to the attacker. {If you would rather, put this fact: "90% of rapes start with a tap on the shoulder."}
April 7th: Victim or Survivor and for how long.
April 8th: Happy 3rd Birthday to Rape is Never Justified.
April 9th: "They won then, don't let them now!"
April 10th: "60% of sexual assaults aren't reported to the police. Tell someone your story at Rape is Never Justified."

And if sometime during this week you'd like, create a video on our wall telling your story, your favorite thing about RNJ, signs, etc. We want to see the most participation on April 8th than any other day of the year!

Thanks for your continued support. It really means the world to all those involved in RNJ's community.

Ali Mark

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