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You can help Backline create a more compassionate world

Dear friends of Backline,

On Monday we recognized International Women’s Day, and today the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.

At Backline, we are thinking of all the women worldwide for whom pregnancy is as much a danger as a joy, and for those who do not have access to safe and dignified contraceptives, abortion, prenatal and birth care. We give thanks for the skill and compassion of all the medical professionals here in the United States who provide abortion services and ensure that women who decide to end a pregnancy can do so without jeopardizing their health or lives. We imagine a world where providers of essential abortion services receive the respect and appreciation they deserve. We imagine a world where every woman’s experience of pregnancy, parenting, abortion and adoption is met with compassion, support, understanding and open minds.

This is a world that Backline knows is possible, a world that our Talk Line and Professional Training programs have worked to create every day for the past five years. Today, our Talk Line goes unanswered, unable to serve the thousands of women seeking a safe place to talk about their pregnancy options, to work through their decisions, and to share their feelings with someone who understands – whether it is before, during or after their pregnancy, and no matter what choice they make.

But with your help, we can bring back this unique resource. Your donation today at will go directly toward reopening the Talk Line, a goal we can achieve before summer with the support of the people like you.

To ensure Backline’s ongoing stability, we especially invite you to make an ongoing monthly pledge of $10, $20 or $50. Giving monthly is an easy way to stretch the amount you are able to give, and to provide Backline with a predictable, steady source of income throughout the year. You can set up your monthly donation by giving online at today.

Thank you for supporting Backline, for your continued belief in our work, and for your efforts to create a world that honors pregnancy, parenting, abortion and adoption and all the women whose lives are touched by these experiences.

With hope and gratitude,

Parker Dockray

Backline President
[email protected]

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