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FCJA UPDATE: 6730 passes House, 6416 on House floor now, 2735 in Senate Rules


SB 6730 has passed unanimous in the House! It now returns to the Senate for concurrence with the House amendments. This is the bill that would help reduce the number moves a child makes in foster care by requiring that relative caregivers get the same 5 day notice before a child is moved that foster parents already get (or at least are supposed to get). It would also require that the notice be in writing if the child has been in the same place for a year, and give the reasons in writing why the child is being moved, and require DSHS to report annually on the children that have been moved and why. It would also allow those with a significant relationship to the child to submit testimony in writing to the court regarding placement. Watch the House floor debate online, starting about 00:57:57:


SB 6416 is on the House floor now, waiting for a vote. This is the bill that will allow a caregiver that has cared for a child for a year or more to petition the court within 10 days after the removal of the child for an emergency hearing on placement, if the child is being moved to another out-of-home placement. Please contact your representatives to support this bill and bring it to a vote.


HB 2735 is still in Senate Rules. If it doesn't get voted on by the full Senate by Friday it will be dead. It passed unanimous out of the House and unanimous out of the Senate committee, but time is running out. This is the bill that notifies foster youth of their right under current law to request an attorney, if they feel they need one. A judge would still need to approve the request. This is fundamental fairness. Decisions are being made that will affect the rest of this child's life. Please contact your senator now to support this bill, especially if your senator is on the Rules Committee:

Senate Rules Committee Members

Member Phone E-mail
Owen, Brad (Lt. Gov.) (360) 786-7700 [email protected]
Franklin, Rosa (360) 786-7656 [email protected]
Hewitt, Mike (360) 786-7630 [email protected]
Brown, Lisa (360) 786-7604 [email protected]
Eide, Tracey (360) 786-7658 [email protected]
Fraser, Karen (360) 786-7642 [email protected]
Haugen, Mary Margaret (360) 786-7618 [email protected]
Kauffman, Claudia (360) 786-7692 [email protected]
Keiser, Karen (360) 786-7664 [email protected]
King, Curtis (360) 786-7626 [email protected]
Kohl-Welles, Jeanne (360) 786-7670 [email protected]
Marr, Chris (360) 786-7610 [email protected]
Murray, Ed (360) 786-7628 [email protected]
Parlette, Linda Evans (360) 786-7622 [email protected]
Pridemore, Craig (360) 786-7696 [email protected]
Regala, Debbie (360) 786-7652 [email protected]
Schoesler, Mark (360) 786-7620 [email protected]
Stevens, Val (360) 786-7676 [email protected]
Zarelli, Joseph (360) 786-7634 [email protected]

Thank you!

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