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Fulfilling Our Mission: ICFJ Improves Quality Journalism Around the World

ICFJ staff and trainers have been busy in Uganda, Jordan and Egypt training professional and citizen journalists in special topics such as health, freedom of expression and investigative journalism. Learn more! Also, don’t forget to apply for two international reporting opportunities March 1 and 12!

Knight International Fellow Chris Conte pumped new life in covering health in Uganda. From helping to lower Polio rates to shedding light on hospital conditions, Conte has an impressive story to tell. Hear it in his words here:

ICFJ, in partnership with Amman-based Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), will establish investigative reporting units at five news organizations in the Middle East to provide in-depth coverage of health, environmental and social issues rarely covered by the media now. Learn more about Knight International Fellow Donna Abu-Nasr will lead the effort:

Check out a lively virtual debate between forty journalists from the Arab World, Europe, Indonesia, Pakistan and the United States following the Egypt conference on Reporting Across Cultures. The journalists are now teaming up on joint reporting projects on cross-cultural topics.

Want to be a foreign correspondent? Monday is the deadline to apply for the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship Program. You could spend two months in a German newsroom covering the news for an international audience.

Also, the U.S. - Austrian Journalism Exchange is accepting applications. Up to six outstanding media professionals from the United States and Austria will have the opportunity to report from and travel to each other's countries. DEADLINE: MARCH 12

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