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February Upadate- we are headed to the USA!

Hi All- Thank you so much for your support and for joining Baer Essentials {Ethiopia}! It is such an encouragement to see such support.

Here is what is going on right now:
The chidren have been in the afterschool program since the begining of the year- they are already learning so much! Tom teaches every night and we have two other Ethiopian teachers helping as well. We have seen a noticable difference in the children's health since they started t program and are eating three hot meals during the week and taking vitamins etc.

We were given land by the government and we are putting a fence around it this week and digging the outdoor toilet soon. We hope to have a traditional round Ethiopian hut as a community building and traditional kitchen put in before next fall and long term we need to build two buildings for health aid, library and community gather/ed. We have some really exciting ideas for cottage businesses for the women in the area and can't wait to show you!!

Next fall we would like to open a second after school program for 20 of the most vulnerable and orphaned children of the area-

We are leaving to go to the USA tomorrow--in large part our efforts will be put towards raising awareness and money for our work- speaking at events, interviews, opening Six Baer's Gift Shoppe which will sell stuff we are bringing from Ethiopia to the US, and networking. We hope to create two websites as well: one for Six Baer's which will document our lives as a family, homeschooling, the store and more and Baer Essentials which will focus on our work here and how folks can get involved.

We are in process of: becoming a NFP in the USA so we can recieve funds tax free. and we are exploring becoming missionaries with Elim Fellowship which will greater accountability to money we raise and help administratively as well.

Tom will be returning to Ethiopia end of March- He will be teaching at our school, taking more language training and moving us to a smaller home closer our work out in the country. We hope he can come back to the USA in June to help raise some money for our work and to travel back to Ethiopia with the rest of us at the end of June.

So that just about sums it up---Please send an invitation to join our cause out to all your friends- We truly believe that by giving an education to our 20 children for the next 15 years (and hopefully 20 more next fall) that we are helping support the tomorrows leaders of Ethiopia--the cottage businesses we hope to start will have an immediate impact on the local economy and help relieve the poverty that faces the community.

Thanks for all you do. Invite your friends---and if you feel inclined- make a donation to our paypal account:) [email protected]

If you want to get in contact with us while we are in the USA call 716-782-3871
we would love to hear from you and any ideas you may have!!
tom, sally, willson, andy, sophie

Campaign closed

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