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RECAP: Chris's Trip To Europe

Just recently Chris returned from a tremendous trip to Europe. He had the opportunity to visit with key leaders in three countries and make headway on various translation projects.

It was a great blessing for Chris to travel with John Otjen, the video production manager for church online. John is a supporter of our work and volunteered his time to travel with Chris.

Days 1-3 in Germany allowed Chris to meet with a group of German pastors to discuss initial help with German translation of OPEN materials. As a lead-up to the trip we were able to translate into German a set of materials for these leaders. We were excited to make contact with a few key people who are interested in helping translate even more materials into German for churches' benefit.

After Germany was a three day trip to Slovakia where John provided training to Slovak churches on filming and producing high quality video. Chris consulted with church leaders regarding multi-site options, Sunday services, and the possibility of starting church online in the Slovak language. Chris also had the opportunity to speak to Krestanske Centrum about 'Getting Out of Debt.' Church members said that the financial principles he shared were "revolutionary" for Slovaks.

The last major portion of the trip was spent in Poland. Not only did we have the opportunity to catch up with Hosanna church which has recently been showing 5 Easy Steps to Wreck Your Life [image above] at their Polish church online experience. We helped them find a more viable online worship solution using the Polish language.

KosciolOnline.tv currently has three experiences each week. So far they have seen more than 3,000 views of their website and had 1,000 unique visitors. For a new site and a country with only 40,000 evangelical Christians this is an excellent start to this ministry! More importantly they have sent out 9 'kits' to people who have asked for more information or made a decision to follow Jesus.

Supporters and friends...you have provided for these trips, translation, training, and this ministry. THANK YOU. We would not have this opportunity to reach out to churches in Europe and around the world without this support.

Next Steps
As we look at trips for Spring and Summer please consider three things:

1. Consider how you can be a part of praying for success of online ministry overseas.

2. Consider how you can participate in one of our upcoming trips to Europe - to bless churches with your business, technical or ministry skills.

3. Consider how you can participate financially in this work. We are seeking partners to help us as we put together a project fund of $6,000 to fund Polish church online through 2010. And in addition we require an additional $1,000 monthly toward our goals of working with churches in Europe to develop church online further for every language and nation.

Blessings to you!

Chris & Dana

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