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Be My Trevor Valentine!

$5,000 Goal Deadline: February 14

This Valentine’s Day, send a gift to LGBTQ youth by funding one call on The Trevor Helpline for just $15. Your support is the ultimate Valentine’s message to youth across the country. In fact, if candy hearts could relay it for you, it might sound like this:


It’s almost Valentine’s Day – a time when many people celebrate ♥love♥ and friendship. But I know it’s also a day when others feel lost, sad and hopeless.

♥CALL ME♥ because ♥U R NOT ALONE♥.

If you need someone to talk to – whether it’s because you’re feeling depressed or thinking about suicide or if you just want to vent about your friend, your mom or dad or your ♥FIRST KISS♥ – I’m here for you. All you have to do is dial ♥866-4-U-TREVOR♥. I will listen and understand without judgment, and commend you for being brave enough to call me.

I’m here ♥24 hours♥ per day, seven days per week. I do it all ♥4 U♥ because you’re valuable, ♥UR SPECIAL♥ and your life is important to me.

You are worth it,
-The ♥Trevor♥ Helpline

One call; one life. Be a Trevor Valentine for just $15!

P.S. Please hurry! Help us reach our goal of raising $5,000 by Feb. 14 for LGBTQ youth in crisis. This will keep The Trevor Helpline open for five full days - the perfect Valentine's gift!

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