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Rape Is Never Justified

Ali Mark
Ali Mark campaign leader

Important Changes!

Hey RNJ'ers -
This is Ali. I wanted to let everyone know about a few very big changes that are about to take place with RNJ.

1) Staffing & Scheduling. All of our volunteers are an amazing group of individuals. But we are all also either (or a mixture of) parents, students, full time employees (in a different setting), and interns. Thus, we cannot dedicate all of our time to volunteering. We've had to make some staff changes recently, as well. Because of the above circumstances, we will temporarily do schedule differently. We will still have someone on call everyday, but it will no longer be a 24 hour schedule. To see the times that a counselor is available, you will need to go to and click our "SCHEDULE" tab.

2) Volunteers Needed. We ARE still looking for volunteers. I will elaborate on what each position entails (and in their listed priority). If you are interested in any of these positions, please email [email protected] and ask for an application. Please be sure to include which position you are seeking as each application varies. (Note: RNJ is based in the United States and Canada.) The only requirement equal to all positions is to have access to Skype and be capable of using it for conference calls.

COUNSELORS are volunteers who will do a number of things. They will assist in helping and guiding those who are victims of rape or abuse, suffer from depression, are trying to find a new outlet (aside from, say, self mutilation), and a number of other various things. We prefer, but it's not a requirement, to be sixteen years of age because often we find that victims are not yet recovered from their past. Counselors will assist in writing the 6-12 newsletter we'll release per year. They will also help us research various aspects about abuse victims to have a better understanding of what they're going through. We also expect counselors to be able to dedicate anywhere from 16-20 hours per week that you would be available, if needed, to talk with a supporter.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS are volunteers who are willing to dedicate their time to creating an accessible website (with the materials given, as we have financial limitations) that is both educational and welcoming. You will need access to a computer (and internet) several times throughout the week, especially Sunday evenings or Monday morning. There is no age requirement, but a portfolio will be required.

PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES are volunteers who are willing to dedicate a heavy amount of time to getting the word out about RNJ. (Note: We are currently looking for PR for the East and West coast, only.) You will be responsible for contacting local and large bands, organizations, magazines to seek promotion or affiliation with one another. There is no age requirement, but a portfolio will be required. In addition, please note that you will be using both email and "snail mail" to contact organizations and we do not cover the costs of postage, envelopes, or other necessary materials.

3) And finally, we want feedback, questions, comments, suggestions, etc. and lots of it! Formspring seems to be a booming trend, so I have created a Formspring for all of you.

Thank you for your continued support. We greatly appreciate all of you. Stop in and say "Hi!" as well.

Ali Mark
816 718 7590

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