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As we celebrate Israel's 60th Independence Day, I thought members of our community might be interested in an inspirational story about the Israeli military.

A member of our community, Adam Harmon, has served with the Israeli Paratroopers and a Special Operations unit since 1990. He works in the US now, but he still serves with the Israeli reserves.

His book, Lonely Soldier, published by Random House, chronicles his experiences with the IDF between 1990-2003. He will donate $5 to our Cause for each book purchased by a member of our community.

The hardcover is regularly $25.99, but you can purchase a signed copy directly from him for $18, plus shipping. If you want it personally inscribed, just let him know.

To Purchase Lonely Soldier and Help Raise Money for Our Cause:

The Book Details:
· Israeli military training methods

· Israeli military culture and the character of Israeli soldiers

· Detailed descriptions of typical operations - checkpoints, tracking terrorists, and capturing suicide bombers

· The IDF beyond what you typically read and see in the media


Publishers Weekly: Starred Review

“Harmon's voice is so consistent and genuine that it's impossible not to identify with his steadfast journey. An illuminating account of a much-covered conflict, this is a memoir for anyone who wants a look behind the daily headlines.”

Advance Praise from Bing West, Author of No True Glory: A Frontline Account of the Battle for Fallujah

“This book transcends place and nationality to reveal the essence of soldierly virtues–tough, decent, honest, and accepting of continuous hardships and solitary duties at low pay…This is the story of what makes a real soldier.”

Reader Review:

“This is pure enjoyment treading for those of us who enjoy the camaraderie and esprit de corps Band of Brothers story.”

Reader Review:

“I am not a speed reader but I read Lonely Soldier in less than a week. My wife kept trying to pry it out of my hands but it was difficult to put down. The discipline of the author and his desire to serve well are an inspiration to anyone traveling through life and seeking a personal mission”

To Purchase Lonely Soldier and Help Raise Money for Our Cause:

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