Cowichan Tsou'halim
Cowichan Tsou'halim campaign leader

We currently have too many Non-Native and Non-Cowichan Tribes Peoples living on all 12 reserves. They came into elective powers about 60 years ago - and stole our lands, sold our lands, transferred lands to themselves, and sold our timber and fish. Mismanaged all our housing funding - now Cowichan Band members live in a ghettoized reserve. White people actually take a drive through Cowichan Reserve to see if the band cleaned up all the garbage yet, for something to do after supper. Aboriginal Affairs is not doing their job, in assisting the original families! I ask, why? Help us make this right, and the Treaty should not go through with Cowichan Band until the Native Peoples or Families of Cowichan are placed within their rightful lands. We have been pushed off our families lands over 60 years.

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