Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith campaign leader

My goal for producing this video is to reach out to members of the public to inform them about the importance of reducing deforestation because of its impacts around the world. This goal is important because in order for deforestation to be controlled, the general public need to be aware of the impacts of it and what they can do to help the situation. By watching this video, people should understand the severe consequences of deforestation and be willing to take action.

I used a number of strategies in the production of this video. At the start of the video, everything slowly builds up. I deliberately didn’t insert an image into the first slide because I wanted the viewer to only read the text on the first slide to draw them in. My music selection is a percussion and bass combination to set a sad but also heavy tone of background music to compliment the content on each of the slides. I have mixed slides up with images and text or a combination of both depending on what information is being presented at each moment. My choice of images were selected with the intention of influencing the audience emotionally in order for them to want to take action. I chose slides that were quite confronting of injured animals and our damaged environment. I also included text where I asked the audience some rhetorical questions to try and gain that extra sense of connection through the video to keep the audience engaged. In summary, by combining all of these techniques I believe it will create a very powerful video that will emotionally impact the audience and encourage people to take action.

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