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Our year-end report for Food for Filipino Kids

Happy new year to all!

We are happy to let you know that our cause has made tremendous progress in 2009 and is all ready for 2010.


This cause for Filipino children was started in March of 2009. Today, we have over 230,000 members, most of whom are actively monitoring the cause.


In less than a year, we have raised over $6,000, a reflection of how generous its members are when it comes to caring for Filipino children.


So far, the donations have funded 2 feeding programs: both in the province of Cagayan. Portion of the funds was used to buy medicines for medical missions for children. These feeding programs are self-perpetuating: we do not have to fund them again. Over 6,000 children benefit from these programs in the next 3 years.

Upcoming project: a feeding program for Mangyan children. This campaign was conducted from August to October 2009. You donated over $3,000 for this project. This benefits 5 towns in the island of Mindoro, having 15 communities. This is a collaborative program with other non-profit organizations. Food for Filipino Kids cause will fund the capital for chickens and seeds for food consumption. The other organizations will fund the other development programs. This will run for 3 years, and will benefit over 1500 children.

Upcoming project: a nutrition program for Romblon.The local government, through the efforts of a Doctor-to-the-Barrio physician, needs support for 2 communities with over 800 children. You have donated $1000 for this project which will run for 3 years.

Call for continued support--

We thank you all for your generous support of Filipino children. We have started from humble beginnings, but as we grow in numbers, the programs we support benefit more and more children. Please continue to spread the word, and ask your friends to invite more friends to join us.


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