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Dear Cause Members:

Young Playwrights Inc. hopes that you're all having a joyous holiday season. We know that everyone is busy and that funds are tight, but here's something you can do that will only take five minutes and won't cost you a dime!

No matter how much we publicize the annual deadline for the Young Playwrights Inc. National Playwriting Competition, there are still talented young writers under the age of nineteen who don't know about this incredible opportunity to have their work taken seriously by the professional theater community -- and we hope that the great grassroots communications effort that is Facebook will help us expand our reach. So, if you can -- please put the following in your status or in a message to friends young and old, artists and teachers and parents as well as young writers themselves:

If you are a young writer or know one: the postmark deadline for the 2010 Young Playwrights Inc. National Playwriting Competition is January 2, 2010 -- it's time to stage your own revolution and get that play in the mail. For more information, visit

Thanks for your help!
Young Playwrights Inc.
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