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Win a BGCA T-shirt - Share What Greatness Means to You

As part of BGCA's BE GREAT campaign, we are giving away three T-shirts a day for two weeks -- but you can only win through our Twitter page.

So how can you get one? Simply tweet us @BGCA_Clubs with your BE GREAT message -- tell us something inspiring, thoughtful, outrageous. Just make sure to tell us what greatness means to you.

Here's how you can win:

1. If you don't have a Twitter account, create one at

2.Follow us at BGCA_Clubs.

3. BE creative! Share your dreams, aspirations or hopes for Boys & Girls Club members and other kids. Simply cut and paste all of the following into your twitter feed and you're entered (make sure to fill in the blank):

"Be: ___". Share what greatness means to you @BGCA_Clubs with your "BE" and enter to win a tee.

It is that easy! For rules, visit

Good luck! You can enter every day!

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