Wayne Hicks
Wayne Hicks campaign leader

Our FB-Cause is growing fast!

It appears that our FB-Cause has doubled in size within a week. We now have over 100 members ... elevating our FB-Cause to 'CLUB' level. Our next goal is to reach 250 members. Can you think of any of your FB-Friends that you can INVITE to join us in our efforts to raise scholarship funds for HSCC students?

We have a goal of raising $1,000 by the end of the month. We are 15% of the way there based on donations from Kelly Martin (Twin Cities) and her FB-friend Lee Lowery. Can you help us reach our goal? Your donation can be as little as $10. Heck ... $10 from the 100 of us would get us to $1,000 without any muss or fuss.

What say u?

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