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[URGENT] Food relief for children affected by floods NEEDED NOW.

Dear friends,

As most of you have known by now, typhoon Ondoy plunged most of Metro Manila and Luzon underwater 3 days ago. The rains have stopped, but some areas are still flooded.

The flood is just the beginning of a long recuperation process. Most families lost everything that they owned. The most vulnerable population: the children and the elderly are most affected. They need food, milk formula, diapers, medicines, and clothing. They need these today and in the next weeks to come.

We are asking each and everyone to donate for Disaster Relief. Money generated will go towards purchase of Milk formula, diapers, medicines, and food. These will be distributed to various church groups and not-for-profit organizations in Manila and Luzon. All transactions will be posted on this cause page for transparency and accounting.

Please donate by clicking on the donate button above. Any amount will do. Please be generous. WE NEED YOUR HELP, AND WE NEEED IT NOW.

Thank you, please stay safe.


Food for Filipino Kids Admin

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