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A Backpack Full o' Love!

Hi guys,
Steve Hollingsworth from 4HIM is heading to Ghana in the next week to do some ministry work and while he's there he'll be checking in on Sorie. He told me that since he visits Ghana a few times a year, he's already got clothes over there so he'll only be taking a small backpack. I want to fill that backpack with letters of love and encouragement for Sorie. So while you're taking the time to read this, won't you just take an extra few seconds and write this little guy an encouraging note? He, like most of us, has no idea how many people around the world are praying for him! Let's fill that backpack! simply reply with an email and if you'd like to include a picture, that's great. I'm not sure if Facebook allows you to add attachments, but I can just cut & paste to a word file if you'd like, OR you can send your note to [email protected] with the subject line: Backpack.
I'll be giving all the letters to Steve Wednesday at noon Central Time, so you all should have plenty of time to send them in!
We are still looking for another $4,000 to offset the cost of the food, housing and transportation for Sorie and his caretaker Catherine, so if any of you feel led to help you can do that on the Causes page. We'll have more updates as soon as Steve gets back from Ghana so stay tuned!!



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