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As Young Playwrights Inc.’s Causes group nears 1,000 members, we’ve been thinking a lot about the power of such a large group of online friends and the amazing impact that you can have on this organization’s ability to reach young writers and teachers across the country. So over the next week or so, in a sort of ‘back-to-school initiative,’ we’ll be sending a series of emails via Facebook to let you know what we need and suggest some simple ways that you can help sustain and promote our programming both in the professional theater and in the classroom. We hope our Facebook friends will rise to the challenge.

The first thing that Young Playwrights Inc. needs is fairly obvious: money. We say it’s obvious because in this country’s current economic climate, almost everyone reading this is saying “yeah, me, too!” But you don’t need to be a multimillionaire to be a valued donor at Young Playwrights Inc. – if every member of this group donates $10, then we'll have raised nearly $10,000 with which to start the school year – supporting in-school and afterschool playwriting workshops and our upcoming Off Broadway season.

Facebook makes it fairly simple to make that tax-deductible donation – just get out your credit card, go to and click on the Donate Now button next to our fundraising goal. If you want to learn more, go to ... (and if you prefer to send a check, there are directions there as well.)

Please, if you can, give what you can; donations of $10, $25, or $100 mean a lot to an organization of our size. And if you’ve already made a gift this year: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

With the help of contributions from our friends in 2009, Young Playwrights Inc. has already guided 11 talented playwrights to their first Off-Broadway presentation. We have provided 38 advanced young artists with the tools they will need to develop thrilling new works and have given over 1,000 students the introduction to the art of playwriting that we know will also help to improve their literacy and learning skills. We received over 700 plays from enthusiastic young writers hoping to be chosen for next year’s Young Playwrights Conference (10 of them will make the exciting trek to New York City In January 2010), over 350 for the Write A Play! NYC contest, and another 55 for the Young Playwrights Latino Challenge (our partnership with TeatroStageFest). And with our partners, the Anne Frank Center USA and the Vineyard Theater, we launched Diary 21 and got 120 students from Washington Irving High School and the Lab School to focus on the question “are we writing loud enough?”.

What can your $10 do?

1 x $10: Pays for the evaluation of a play submitted to the Young Playwrights Inc. National Playwriting Competition or Write A Play! NYC – insuring that each young writer who gets up the courage to share her/his writing with us gets a detailed written response in return.
10 x $10: Underwrites the expenses for one writer for one day during the Young Playwrights Conference.
25 x $10: Underwrites the cost of a one-hour playwriting workshop for up to 35 young people.
30 x $10: Pays for one teacher to attend the Teacher Training Institute.
60 x $10: Covers the expenses for one playwright for one week during rehearsals of the Young Playwrights Festival.
100 x $10: Helps sustain our Advanced Playwriting Workshop and allows us to offer this year- long program to New York area writers free of charge.
400 x $10: Covers expenses on our office/rehearsal/classroom space, providing a safe haven for hundreds of writers and other theater artists.

We know that times are tough and that not everyone can make a financial contribution right now – but you can still help. If you know people who are in better positions to lend their financial support, please pass this on and let them know why Young Playwrights Inc. is important. We like to say that Young Playwrights Inc. is a place where art matters, where education matters, where our...

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