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Green your Back-to-School

Back-to-School time already?! Follow the ideas here to make sure your school is healthy, safe, and sustainable. Learn how to: buy recycled- and environmentally-friendly school supplies; pack a waste-free lunch; check out the health and safety of your school facilities; ask about your school’s Wellness Policy, and more. My daughter is starting high school and she is re-using many notebooks and got most of her clothes at used stores - it's cool to be green!

Kids spend a big chunk of their days inside a school, so it's critical that the school environment:

* has good indoor air quality
* does not expose kids to toxic chemicals
* serves healthy food
* allows for recess and physical education, and generally promotes health and well-being.

Be part of the solution – take action this school year!

Read the full Green back-to-school article on our website for loads of tips. And use the Green Schools Buying Guide and Take Action pages to help with both your shopping list and your school.

Thanks for all you do! I hope your schools year gets off to a great start.

Deborah Moore
Executive Director

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