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Warning distressing images
We were reluctant to share this story as we did not know what the fate of this poor stray kitty would be…but read on to see what happened!
Little Maiu arrived in Romania Animal Rescue Center of Hope on 1st May. We weren’t sure that he was going to make it because he had extensive injuries but this boy has an amazing will to live.
Maiu is a stray cat who approached humans looking for help. People in one house hushed him away but he walked into the yard of an animal loving family and they wanted to help him but knew he needed urgent medical care.
The great news is that the family who brought him to the Center of Hope want to adopt him, so Maiu has a happy future ahead of him.
Maiu has a broken jaw and unfortunately his eye had to be removed removed. He has been stabilized, had blood tests and feeding tube fitted. But today Maiu has started to eat on his own! Please see the video of Maiu today : video-1526668893.mp4

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