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This picture tells us that, what the Australian government is doing is capitalising on whatever they can, the government allows for the rich to be able to dodge tax, and in exchange for having the rich pay less reduces how much goes back into the country, hospitals, schools, people in poverty, etc…

In Australia, and other countries, higher taxes are being implemented to middle class earners. Because the majority of people are making between $30,000 - $100,000 and it is easier to increase tax costs for middle income earners so the governments return is higher, meanwhile by doing this it squeezes the gap between being rich or poor. Making average life for most unsustainable and unaffordable.

The problem with children being raised in poverty is that their mindset is that they cant or couldn’t, where as a child raised in a wealthy family with over achieving parents changes that mindset to I can and I will that. So how is that fair, simply it’s not.

This picture is very true, as from when we are born we follow our parent’s morals and inspire from their life. But what’s scary is that we except that we are born to go to school, work until we are almost dead, then spend the last few years of your life with your family then die. But if you try and escape the recurring circle of life you’ll end up at the bottom or the top.

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