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Dear Friend,

This is Andy Stern, President of SEIU.

I wanted to write you about the recent news about the Employee Free Choice Act. The New York Times reported on Friday that the Senate is considering dropping majority signup from the Employee Free Choice Act.

Majority signup is based on a simple idea: if a majority of workers say they want a union, they should get a union. It's the best way to make sure workers have a free and fair choice to join a union without intimidation or harassment.

It's important that both the House and Senate consider majority signup. Working people want to see where Congress stands on this common-sense idea to level the playing field against corporate greed.

I created a petition to Congress for you to show support for majority signup. Can you please add you name? (

Click here ( to write your Members of Congress and show your support for majority signup.

In the last week, we've seen that Wall St. is back to business as usual. Bank of America and Citigroup posted billions in profits. Goldman Sachs made $38 million a day in the last three months and is set to pay out record bonuses.

Corporate greed alive and well, despite billions in bailouts. Meanwhile, unemployment is still rising, and many working people are still struggling to get by in the rough economy.

That's why we need the Employee Free Choice Act. At its core, the Employee Free Choice Act is about fairness. By giving employees the free choice to join unions - and not their bosses - majority signup allows workers to have a voice on the job.

Congress needs to hear about your support for majority signup. Sign my petition to Congress ( in support of majority signup and the Employee Free Choice Act.

Thanks for all you do.

In solidarity,

Andy Stern
President, Service Employees International Union

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