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Sorie Project Update!

Hi guys,

I just received an email from pastor Kenneth Amuzu, our staff pastor in Ghana, and the man who is overseeing Sorie's care. I want you all to read this!

Hello Bro. Jim and all donors towards Sorie Project,
This is Kenneth writing from Accra - Ghana. Grace and peace be yours always. I want to use this opportunity to sincerely thank you all for coming out of your own will to give Sorie the opportunity to not only live but also to know that God loves him so much and has touched the hearts of individuals like you, whom we have not seen or met before to give Sorie hope once again so he could become what God has purposed for him to be.
I remember the first day that I met Sorie ( 20th Feb. 09) upon arrival at Accra airport, my heart bled and I asked myself if there is any hope for Sorie but after about 5 months now, the Lord has proved to us here in Ghana that yes, indeed there is hope for Sorie.
Sorie could not turn his neck and stretched his left arm as a result of his burns but now, I am amazed at how Sorie is able to jump out of bed and runs to embrace me whenever I visit him at the hospital.
Although his neck and arm is still bandaged, he is able to turn his neck without difficulty and the sore at the neck and arm are almost healed for the next stage of the surgery to continue in August this year.He is able to speak now and you can understand what he is saying better.
Sorie said to me in his own words ( broken English) during my last visit that "... Uncle Ken, I thank you for coming to see me always and please help me thank every one for helping me to look nice and happy. I can now feel fine to play with my friends in Seirra Leone and also, be able to attend school for the first time when I go back to Sierra Loene. God will bless them well".
I and Catherine were touched by those words of gratitude coming from Sorie at that age.
I believe God has preseved Sorie's life for a prupose and once again, I want to thank you all for being part of Sorie's story and although we are close to half way though his treatment and more funds is needed to continue with treatment, it is my fervent prayer that the Lord will continue to bless you all so you would be able to continue your good work by supporting Sorie to go through his medical treatment here in Ghana.( 1Cor. 15:58).
I believe we will all meet one day to praise the Lord for what He has done.
God bless you all with all His blessing.

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