Update #8 ·

Korea show us that another way is possible

Today we see a new way in Korea. We hope this will be a sustainable peace for Korea. This process opens for a brighter future in many ways. I also hope that this will mean a continuous disarmament in the region. I hope the rest of world is ready for to change way too. Making peace will release all that money we spend on the military. We need the money to take care of people’s basic needs. Still too many people live in poverty. Children need to go to school. Families need better housing. We need to spend more money on climate change. Bringing peace to the world will make the economy grow. We know that a more equal society is better for all. Even for the richest. Well, the arms dealer will loose in the short run, but I hope they will understand that they can be a part in building a new world.

Please support me in spreading this message. We are soon 4 000 people in this campaign. Thanks!


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