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Mahruf Ahmed
Mahruf Ahmed campaign leader

Cause Updates mail #1 from Admin. ::Please Read::

Hello Everyone.

First of all, I would like to let you know that the causes name has been changed to 'Voice against the Tipaimukh Dam, Save Bangladesh'

It is matter of pleasure to see you join this cause as a symbol of expressing your concern against the proposed Tipaimukh Dam. In just a week, we reached 1000 members, and now as I write to you, we are on the verge of reaching 1500 members. This is my first email I am sending out to you through which I want to inform you the latest on the cause.

The cause is now up in full swing, almost 1500 members, an average 250 new members everyday, New description, links are some of the recent activities. Also the Groups official display picture is up.

As you have already seen, my mission through this cause is to raise awareness among people on the adverse effects of this dam on Bangladesh once constructed. Therefore I again request you to help gather members for this cause.

Now you can easily access the cause page simply through this direct link:

I have come up with a new description about the dam which includes basic knowledge. These will easily set into your mind, thus you can aware yourself as well as help spread it to others. You may also share your comments on this description as a copy has been posted on the discussion board.

I as well as some members have posted links on the Tipaimukh dam. The links are provided below. Spare some time and get to learn on whats being said in the national and international media by clicking on these links:

1. NRBs (non-resident bangladeshis)...appeal to the International Court of Justice...we are all behind you...

2. Tipaimukh dam, Fulertal barrage spell 'disaster' for Sylhet, say experts

3. 'India dam will create regional chaos'-

1. Indian Government’s intention to construct the Tipaimukh Dam is criminal | Asian Tribune

2. Cover Story, Down To Earth magazine: Tipaimukh Dam in Manipur driving a wedge?

How Can YOU Contribute to Spread Awareness:
1. Spread news on this issue/cause to everyone.
2. Aware the unaware, enrich awareness of the aware
3. Dedicate Your facebook status to this Issue now and then
4. Publish related News, links and articles on your homepage news feed or messenger status bar
6. Post related links, discussion topics on the cause page.
5. Invite and encourage your friends to join this cause

Thank You All
Mahruf Ahmed
Cause Administrator


Campaign closed

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