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Children's Home in Crisis

Dear Friends,

There is great need right now in our children's home in Kampheng Phet. When we launched our child sponsorship program in January, we hoped that we would have enough sponsors to have stabilized the situation there by now. That has not been the case.

Just last week a health inspector came and announced that the children will need to be moved. The house they are in, with very cheap rent, is right next to a pig farm. The inspector says it is not good for the children to be there, and the home is too small for the number of people. That in addition to all the other difficulty may be the final straw. After months of doing all that we know to do to raise enough money to care for these kids, there still isn't enough, there are still not enough sponsors or donors. The home incurs more and more debt each month, food continues to be in short supply, and the situation has yet to stabilize.

If the situation has not changed by the end of the month we do not think that the home will be able to carry on. Every dollar donated has gone directly to meeting their needs. Yet the need is greater than what has been given. We're now looking for a safe alternative for the kids if they need to be moved. We won't just abandon them, you can be sure of that.

Unlike other child sponsorship programs our home is the only home these kids have. Most sponsorship programs don't provide housing, or round the clock care, or help with homework. They are a supplement to children living with family or friends, providing some, but not all of their basic needs. Needing to provide all of their basic needs is why each of our kids needs two sponsors. If we can do this together, these kids will be raised in a home where they are loved, in their own culture, that the Burmese government is working unceasingly to obliterate, and saved from the danger and anonymity of either street life, or large institutions where abuse is often prevalent.

Will you help? Will you sponsor a child? Tell other people they can sponsor a child? All it takes is 80 people who will commit to sending $35/month to feed, clothe, house and educate a child.*

The facebook community is huge, and often generous. Surely by working together we can find the 80 people who are able and willing to help these kids. (less than that now, actually.) If we all told at least two other people in real life, wrote a note about it, told all of our friends, how many would we reach? How many would be able to help? Saving this children's home is entirely possible. It could happen this week even.

Often we look at a need and think that others are sure to help, and in the end, few people do anything because we're all expecting someone else to do it. You have the power to save a child in your hands. You have the influence to recruit another to save one more. Will you use it? Will you help?

I know many of you have been faithful supporters of this project from the beginning, and I thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart. Without you we would never have made it this far. Will you help one more time and share the need with others?

You could post a link on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and whatever other networks you are part of. You could put up our child sponsorship widget [] where others will see it, and write about why it matters. Will you help? My heart is breaking at the thought of what will happen if no one does. But I have seen committed groups of people accomplish amazing things. I'm hopeful that we can turn this thing around. Together.

To sponsor a child please visit our website

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