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Katie Thomas
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Their new attacks won't work

In recent weeks, corporate groups and executives have waged war to prevent workers from enjoying what CEOs take for granted: a contract. But the next battle is bound to show them for who they are: greedy people who will do anything to hold onto their power.

Watch the battle unfold:

Anti-worker groups are now attacking the "first contract arbitration" portion of the Employee Free Choice Act. It seeks to stop employers from using endless foot-dragging against workers who have voted for a union, but have yet to secure a contract.

Their new line of attack is entirely hypocritical. Corporations use arbitration all the time, because for years, they've said it's a fast, inexpensive way to settle disputes.

Tell your members of Congress they need to choose their constituents over the corrosive power of greed.
Watch the video and write to your members of Congress here:

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