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Please Do Not Feel Sad Or Sorry For This Disabled Vietnam Veteran. He Plans On To Continue His Fight Against Government Corruption And Political Corruption. If you can lend a heping hand details below. (And Share).


For the past three (3) weeks, I have been told by my local Congressman Josh Gottheimer's veterans liaison staff that the congressman was about to release a letter to the New Jersey Supreme Court accusing them of fraud, discrimination and the denial of my due process for the past 18 years. The letter was done and is/was about to be released. Today, I heard that the Congressman's veterans liaison employee, who I have been working with for almost a year, is no longer working with the congressman and the status of the letter to New Jersey's Supreme Court is unknown. I've been told today that It will take days before I'm told whether the letter is going out.

Please contact Congressman Josh Gottheimer's communications director Kay Kastner at (201)389-1100 or at [email protected] and ask her for a current status of Congressman Josh Gottheimer's Disabled Vet Jack Cunningham's letter to New Jersey's Supreme Court. The more phone calls and emails may just motivate this Congressman to do what he promised this PTSD vet.

Thank you, Jack Cunningham

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