Our campaign is in conjunction with Sexual Abuse Awareness Month being held in the United States of America, as well as Child Abuse Prevention Month. Although the campaign is not recognized internationally, we acknowledge and believe in the cause of the campaign nonetheless, and would like to provide our contributions and support to the cause here in Malaysia.

On Jan 12 2018, an article posted by The Star Newspaper regarding the Probe for alleged molest of debate coach upon young boys in Malaysia. The article reads “The teens revealed the alleged molest by the coach, and explained they did not speak out earlier as they did not realize the incidents from as far back as three years ago were abusive”

In the instagram post one of the teens posted, he said “The worst part is that I thought it was normal, I thought this meant I was a close friend. He was nothing but nice to me”.

This hence shows the importance of sexual and body protection education and awareness needed in the Malaysian society especially among our younger generation. This is as they would be able to protect themselves and others from sexual abuse.

In addition, it’s been one year since the Sexual Offences against Children Bill has been passed in Malaysia. Since then, numerous cases of offenders have been charged, in which means more protection for the children of Malaysia. Although the Act is still new, we would like to acknowledge it’s one year anniversary, and advocate the importance of children being protected by law in Malaysia.

Our purpose of this campaign is to create an awareness of the need to educate children and young people regarding sexual education. We believe that children need to be able to identify their private and non-private parts, and that when others abuse those parts, that they need to be able to protect themselves by running away, and telling a trusted adult.

In line with our cause, the students of Perdana University School of Occupational Therapy would be visiting two schools, to run a campaign called “Don’t Touch”, where we aim to teach children via interactive games, visual aids and videos. Lesson objectives include the children to be able to identify private and non-private parts, identify safe vs unsafe touching, self-protection skills, and methods of reporting child abuse.

As Occupational Therapy students, our role is to help them to function, and look into their Activities of Daily Living, social activity and play. When children fall into sexual pry, the event affects them mentally, physically and emotionally, decreasing their ability to function in their day to day life. Occupational Therapists also acts as advocates against occupational injustice, and representatives for those with disabilities and special needs. Therefore, one of the schools we would be visiting would include a Special Needs School in Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 9(2). Children with special needs are twice as likely to fall into sexual pry, and hence we believe that we would need to empower them with the ability to protect themselves.

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