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World Leaders Peace Prayer Day 9/11/18 9:03 am local time

All LivingKind shall live in Peace, Love and Unity.
           That is the Will of the Father.

If I do not condone 

I do not condemn. 

It's always the Time to share Love, 

For through Love alone will the Heart mend. 

That is the reason His Son He did send. 

So in the Fulljoy of Grace let our Heart and hand extend. 

As together in Prayer onto our knees we bend.

UP 2 PEACE is sending out an Official Invitation to all Races, Faiths and Spiritual Perspectives of all Nations to join in and share Prayer with: President Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un and all World Leaders on September 11th, 2018 beginning at: 9:03am local times. All within Hopes (Confident Assurance) of inspiring the Light of Peace, Love and Forgiveness to shine upon the darkness obscuring the Collective Soul to consciously assist in the necessary process of healing which will erase the hatred and anger so pervasively rampant in our Global Community. This will assuredly call forth abundant experiences of Peace, Love, Unity and Freedom which ALL LivingKind so fully deserve.

A World that Prays together, stays together.   We hope that it will also give the Youth of our World the opportunity to walk out of school to promote Peace rather than being "against" one thing, person or another.

Mother Theresa was quoted saying, "People ask me why I do not attend anti-war protests. I tell them I do not do that, but if you invite me to a pro Peace rally I will be there."

One Love, One Heart I give Thanks and Praise to the Lord When I Pray in Peace.

One Love, One Heart. Let's get together and Live in Peace.

Peace Heals All.

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