Waltraud Strauss
Waltraud Strauss did this

these elephants in sumatra were supposed to be killed - because they had destroyed some fields!!! but than it was decided otherwise. well now they are alive - walk 2x a day through a river - eat grass on the way - are washed and scrubbed in the river - pampered by some tourist with banana [which they love] are enclosed in the night - have to carry a tourist or two on their backs. these elephants have a somewhat ok life - it is not the best - but better than being killed - i think!!! so there are solutions for every problem. but trophy hunting is no solution. the animals have a right to life. we cannot take away all their habitats and certainly we have no right to kill them. tourists bring money - while these beautiful creatures are alive and not dead. so trophy hunting is outrageous and criminal !!!!!!!!!!!

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