Update #6 ·

The Patient Protest

As of this moment, you are one of 7, 272 people who have signed the endometriosis petition to implore ACOG to address the current endometriosis care crisis by working with expert endometriosis multidisciplinary providers and patient advocates to ensure that all patients have early access to quality care. We thank you so much for your continued support throughout these efforts. 

For decades, endometriosis patients and advocates have been fighting obstacles to care and calling for change. While ACOG did reach out and accept the research and revised bulletin that we presented to them, we feel that because endometriosis has been dismissed for so long, that the patient community deserved a more robust response on their part and a promise to utilize all of their resources to transform endometriosis care with the guidance of those who have this challenging disease and specialists who treat the disease. Time and time again, ACOG executives have been presented with the grave reproductive injustices endured by patients at the hands of their members, but failed to act. 

The endometriosis patient community has united to form a collaborative Patient Protest, www.wematteracog.com . We are calling upon all of those who signed this petition to continue standing with patients as we fight for the care we so desperately need. Creating meaningful, lasting change is never easy. As a patient community, we have decided that these changes are worth fighting for so that future generations of patients will not suffer like we have. 

The patient community needs continued allies as we fight for our bodies, our well-being, and our fertility.  We need professionals who personally see the impact of low standards of care to continue to stand with us. We need organizations whose mission it is to protect the health and well-being of patients to stand with us. We need allies who will put patients before profits and politics. 

We ask you to continue to advocate with us. Please go to our website to learn how to support the Patient Protest and join in our continued advocacy efforts: www.wematteracog.com

Respectfully Yours,

The Collaborative Endometriosis Patient Community 


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