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Experienced this last Friday. My friend had hardly drunk anything, but was upset and having a panic attack in the bathroom because she has mental health issues and finds crowds difficult, I calmed her down and we went back to dance... The bouncers man handled her out of the venue and banned her for the night because she was too drunk. Even though I had explained the situation. They don't even bother to assess a persons level of drunkess before they kick them out. The weather outside was snowy and icy and they just left her to her own devices! Even though I left with her she almost ended up leaving on her own, I had gone to get another drink and luckily by chance looked round at the right time and saw her being kicked out! If I hadn't seen her being kicked out I wouldn't of known until it was too late....

They were certainly not going to make an effort to find who she was with or make sure she got a taxi safe etc and considering there was a weather warning for snow and ice and extreme temperatures that night, I would consider that night more dangerous than any other! Infact, I slipped over on the way home that night and fractured my arm, that's how horrible the weather was that night... and they were prepared to allow a vulnerable 19 year old walk home on her own!

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