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Demand That National Parks and Forests be Protected

The Task: Demand that congress and our leaders work to protect National Parks and Forests by banning mining and oil drilling.  

The Problem: Imagine our country without National Parks. Government is working to pass a bill that will allow the selling of national parks to large corporations for oil drilling, coal mining, and much more.

These National Parks offer a safe haven for different wildlife and give the American people a place to explore new environments and walk a path of history. If the National Parks are sold off and utilized to increase the wealth of a large corporations, the beauty and history of these areas will be gone.

National Parks are in many different states around the country, and provide endless hours of history and recreation activities like hiking, ziplining, and much more. If these executive orders are passed, National Parks will turn into dumping grounds and building sites.

The Solution: We must fight to have our voices heard. National Parks were once named as such for a reason. Historic events have taken place on these lands, and the ecosystems found in these forests and areas must be protected. Let us protect our National Parks against the large corporations that would drill and sell off these lands simply to increase their income.

Join us! And let’s fight to have our voices heard and our National Parks protected.

Here at Live Your Aloha, we believe that the National Parks in Hawaii deserve to remain protected from oil drilling and construction of buildings. It is part of our mission to keep these parks open to the public and keep the Oahu zipline tours available for everyone. Visit https://www.liveyouraloha.com/zipline-oahu to see our favorite tours today.

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