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Bangladesh Cyclone Update - 11.26.07

Current Situation
What is being called the deadliest storm to hit the country in over a decade; Cyclone Sidr has devastated the south western coastal belt of Bangladesh only months after half the
country was submerged under flood waters. So far, the storm has claimed over 3,000 lives and has left nearly 2.5 million in need of life saving emergency assistance. Over
1,800 are still missing.

The category 4 storm, which struck the Bangladesh coast around midnight on Thursday, Nov. 15th, has affected more than 6 million people across 31 districts. The storm has
damaged over 800,000 homes, destroyed over 700,000 acres of crops and over 300,000 trees.

Delivery of relief aid is severely restricted due to immense logistical difficulties and sheer devastation. Roads to some areas are still impassable as power lines and trees lie
uprooted. Cyclone survivors have been swarming moving vehicles in hopes of receiving aid, further restricting movement and accessibility.

Bangladesh Cyclone overall statistics (as of 11/26)
• Deaths: 3,033 and rising
• People Missing: 1,828
• People Affected: 677 million
• Houses Damaged: 889,005
• Crops damaged: 761,361 acres
• Trees Destroyed: 345,019
• Rice Destroyed: 95 percent

Islamic Relief Response
Islamic Relief has launched a $6 million emergency appeal to help the victims in Bangladesh. Islamic Relief emergency response teams have been working in the worst
affected areas of Bagerhat and Patuakhali since the cyclone hit and have already provided relief aid to over 8,900 families.
In addition, more than 700 patients have been treated for injuries by Islamic Relief’s medical teams.

Islamic Relief has already allocated $1 million in emergency relief which has helped to provide the following:
• Shelter for evacuees in local schools, buildings and mosques for evacuees
• Hygiene kits consisting of toothbrushes/toothpastes, hand sanitizers, hand towels, and tents.
• Health services to provide medical care to treat injuries
• 5kg of rice, 1kg of molasses, 1kg of salt, 1 matchbox and 6 candles, 1 kg of lentils for 8,973 families

Islamic Relief Worldwide partners are actively engaging in fundraising activities for this disaster.

Long-Term Goals for Bangladesh Relief.
Islamic Relief has created a three month emergency response plan for the victims of Cyclone Sidr that will last until Feb.15, 2008. The initial phase of this emergency relief will go to provide blankets, fresh water, winterized tents, family kitchen sets, plastic sheeting and hygiene clothing for 30,000 families.

Islamic Relief Aid Efforts in Bangladesh.
Islamic Relief has been working in Bangladesh since 1991, initially providing emergency relief to victims of a tropical cyclone. Since then, Islamic Relief has responded to both
emergency and long-term development needs and has established a variety of projects and programs including an Orphan sponsorship Program, Mother and Child Healthcare,
Vocational Training and Water and Sanitation programs.

Please donate generously. Jazak Allah Khair.

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