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Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum

Well that happened... (pinches herself). As well as having "Hylas and the Nymphs" returned in response to the formation of numerous voices sending out a clear message, a group of progressive people came together. I've had numerous emails asking me to do more to address infringements brought on by extreme views of political correctness. So I've put myself out there and started a Facebook page, an open forum, to discuss these concerns... It's entitled "Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum."

Maybe this is the start of a movement to prevent an apocalypse in the art world, or maybe it's just a way to stop yourself from doing everyone's head in whilst on your soap box. The page is there to indulge in, should there be a need to freely express oneself. 

The latest topic of discussion posted on the Facebook Page is an article in "The Guardian", which casts those opposed to the removal as the ones who are infringing on gallery's/artist's freedom to express their valid views... Should we be forgiving?

"Removing nymphs from a gallery is provocative – but does not merit contempt" by Gilane Tawadros

May the force be with you!



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