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Help us fund the NTC Scholarship Fund

Hi folks -

THANKS to all of you for joining the cause, and to the many more of you who also donated. Right now, we're about $3,000 away from fully funding the NTC Scholarship fund, so we're going to ask for your help one more time this year.

Please take a moment to:

1. Contribute if you haven't. It doesn't matter what amount you contribute. Each gift shows the strength of the NTEN community. You can donate through the Cause or at http://nten.org/scholarship.

2. Tell a Friend to donate. Again - this is a community effort!

As an added bonus, everyone who donates to the campaign will get to vote on my NTC fate. Watch the video at http://nten.org/scholarship for details, but I will either a) remake a Beyonce video, eat a bacon explosion, or play my college marching band trombone. You decide!

And, as an added thank you, this will be the last time we hit you up for money in 2009. So make this one count for us!


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