Update #1 ·

A big thank you to the pitbull supporters ❤️❤️

I want to personally thank everyone who signed and shared! This is amazing. I wanted to do a update , people seem to think that I just created this petition to stop Piazza's K-9 services unlimited. We all know his Facebook will not be removed unless he violates Facebook policy. Everyone most likely has saw his previous posts. He can voice his opinion all he wants. But we are allowed to voice our opinion. I created this petition to stop pitbull shaming and discriminating. Pitbulls and Bullys however you want to call them, need a voice. They are not all bad. They can be very gentle, loving and all around can be loving pets. That it why I created this, to give people a chance to talk about this. This war with pits have been going on for a long time. Some country's still ban pits or any type of Bully breed. That's what I want to end. Will it happen? I hope so and that's all we can do. Is stick together and fight for their rights. I treat my pit as my child as im sure mostly everyone does. Keep fighting, keep voicing your opinions. Keep sharing and signing! Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart!! We couldn't have done this without you all ❤️❤️

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